WOW Music Festival

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Deadmau5 LED Concert Live In Malaysia was a blast!

The first time ever full-fledged LED concert happened outdoor at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon just blown all the clubbers and ravers' mind away! Thanks to EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound for having such a massive dance event of 2011 which featured the very unique creature in the world of dance music - Deadmau5!!! The event was a success with all the blasting musics and fantastic cube´s LED visuals!

The Surf Beach was flooded with lots of Deadmau5 fans that night!

As the official beer for this event, Carlsberg was served throughout the whole night by these beautiful ladies. ;)

At the VIP zone area.

Deadmau5 fans were so excited to see the Grammy nominated and the world´s number #4 DJ, Deadmau5 with his spectacular performance that night!

Deadmau5 was up on stage!!! *Scream~* I was totally amazed by his custom built, state-of-the-art LED equipped DJ booth with a 3-sided cube tipped forward at 45 degrees that projects stunning multi-layered video designs and dimensionally mind-boggling visuals! Man~ It's freaking cool to watch deadmau5 unleashes his equally massive breaks and beats together with a paramount display of visual eye candy in sync with both the music and cube´s visuals!

Awesome isn't it?! ;)

Everyone was thrilled with the gigantic LED walls stretched across the stage and had the chance to witness the 3D perspectives from the stage that are constantly changing and in motion give an optical illusion to the audience, spreading vibe and excitement!
As all these elements come together, it is truly a spectacular performance ever!


  1. awesome stage! totally amazed.. and you got lots of good picture..! XD

  2. [Qi Wen]
    Yeah...awesome stage and dj! ;)


  3. nice effect but they did something similar during jay chou's concert also... 3D LED effects

  4. [Henry]
    Isit?? Jay Chow ma...different story. lol~